Tips to Write a Student Council Speech

images-3When it comes to college, student council elections are amongst the most popular activities held in the college campus. Most colleges have a student council, a body of students who act as a bridge between the students and the college administration. Student council is awarded a budget every year for promoting tasks related to student welfare. The student council president is designated as the treasurer of the financial budget and he is given the responsibility of using the budget effectively. By becoming the treasurer of the money, you will be expected to show transparency in your work and maintain records of all money transactions.

How to Write a Good Student Council Speech
Your student council speech will mark an end to your long election campaign. Your success or failure in the campaign will depend on how well you have connected with your voters. It is believed that a good student council speech can make a world of difference in impressing the prospective voters. Therefore, if you are a student standing for student council elections, you simply can’t miss preparing for this effective phase of your speech. Here are some fundamental tips

Tips to Get a Finance Job With No Experience

images-2Finance is one such industry which is difficult to get into, especially for undergraduates and people switching from some other industry to finance. This happens because such candidates lack experience, which is considered as a key factor by finance companies for hiring new employees. Several resumes reach the interviewer’s desk, but only the candidates who either display reasonable work experience or have something exclusive, are called for the interview. It is during the interview, when a candidate without any work experience can create an impression on the interviewer, to get into the industry. Experts often get several questions from candidates who are interested in making a career in finance. Here is what they recommend.

Tips to Get a Finance Job Without any Experience

Build a Strong Resume
A candidate’s resume is responsible for creating the first impression on the interviewer. Hence, a strong resume with no typos, proper formatting, and accurate information must be built. Candidates who are unable to build a good resume must not hesitate from taking the help of professional resume builders. With a perfect resume, the candidate’s chances of being shortlisted for the interview

How to Financial Planning Worksheet

unduhan-1In these times of economic recession, one needs to keep a keen eye on their finances. And a financial planning worksheet is one of the best ways to go about keeping an eye on your expenses. It is like bookkeeping of your own cash flow.

Financial Planning

The worksheet is one of the best ways to keep a check on your expenses. How many times have you found that at the end of the month, you have so little money left, and you find that you are clueless with respect to when and where you have spent all the money? It is one of the most convenient and simple ways of financial management and personal financial planning.

The worksheet contains two main sections. The income section and the expenses section. Under each section, you are supposed to create different heads for incomes and expenses. In front of each of the particulars section, you are supposed to have a column for amount.

Now, the point of keeping the financial planner is to ensure that all your expenses are planned and you stick to the plan. In the worksheet, you estimate the costs which you would

Essential Advice on How to Start a Social Savings Club

In today’s fast-paced life when people are just too busy to socialize with others, initiatives like a social savings club not only help in interacting with others but also help in saving a considerable amount of money. These clubs are formed by people to collectively save money and utilize it for a personal cause. Many people save money through such clubs for an entire year to spend during Christmas. Some even save money to reap its benefits in their post retirement days, or for the education and marriages of their children, where a lot of expenses will be incurred.

Like other clubs, a social savings club also gives its members a reason to get together once a week or a month at a café or a restaurant for socializing. The money collected during these meetings is kept in a high-yielding bank account, so that it provides impressive returns after a certain period of time.

Starting a social savings club is easy provided you adhere to the formalities of the bank and IRS. There have been cases where people have been duped by fraudulent members. Hence, it is essential that you start the club by involving people who are already known

Easily Break Your Habit of Spending Unnecessarily

Most of us want to have adequate savings for our rainy day fund. To achieve this goal, certain things need to be ensured. First and foremost, we need to earn well, so that even after paying the bills, we are left with a substantial amount, which can be diverted to the savings fund. Secondly, we need to ensure that we are spending to take care of our needs, and resisting the temptation of our ‘wants’.

If we do a bit of retrospection, we will find out that we make a lot of impulsive purchases. When we go shopping, armed with a credit card, there is an increased likelihood that we end up buying things on a whim. Eventually, our whims and impulses become a habit, which like other bad habits, take a toll on our financial health. Thus, it becomes very important that we get ourselves out of the mire of unnecessary spending.

Also, it is important to note that unnecessary spending comes in many forms, only one of which is shopping. Services – like a gym membership that goes unused, or an extra DirecTV connection, are also forms of unnecessary spending.

In the following paragraphs, we give you a few

Tips to to Buy if You Think Apple Is Building a Car

Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone business has seen slowing growth in recent quarters, prompting concerns the Cupertino, Calif.-based company is destined for slow-growth in the future. However, if recent speculation that Apple is entering the car business is to be believed, the tech giant may have another enormous leg to stand on, boosting several ETFs in the process.

According to IBISWorld, the global car market is a $9 trillion industry, having recently experienced slightly more than 3% growth per annum. Sales of new cars around the globe are expected to reach 90 million units in 2016, according to research firm IHS.

At $9 trillion, it dawrfs the size of the global smartphone market; with 35% of new car sales expected to be electric by the year 2040, it provides electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers with significant opportunities.

Dubbed “Project Titan,” Apple may be working on building its own electric vehicle, competing with Tesla (TSLA) , GM (GM) and other EV makers.

The project, which has undergone some changes in

Wisely Save More Money With Less Effort Tips

It is simple logic! Cut down all the unnecessary expenses and soon, you will be saving much more money. A good idea to do this is to prepare a list of items that you need before you set out shopping and then stick to the list! If you are staying at a bigger flat, consider renting a smaller one. Likewise, cut on your telephone bill, entertainment expenses, give up any membership of a club or a gym that you have but not used for ages, keep only one credit card, etc.

Make a Monthly Budget

Inculcate the habit of making a budget every month, listing all your expenses and incomes. During budgeting, ensure that you save at least fifteen percent of all your income. This way, you will know that you have only an X amount of money to spend, as the rest has to be saved for the future.

Pay Cash

If plastic money has made shopping convenient and safe, its biggest drawback is that we do not think twice before buying something which is way beyond our means. To save more money, it is suggested that you make most of your payments through cash. This will

System For Save Money

Make a separate envelope for all the change that you accumulate. Count it after a month or two and you’ll have a decent amount as ready-made savings.
Income: The money we get for work we do

  • Expenses: The money we spend on things we need
  • Necessities: Things that we absolutely cannot live without [the bare minimum include food, clothing, shelter (and today, the Internet)]
  • Luxuries: Things we can or cannot afford, but still end up spending on, simply because we have the means – plastic money
  • Debt: What we find ourselves in because we cannot (or do not want to) decipher the difference between necessities and luxuries
  • Financial Crisis: Which happens when our debts continue to mount due to excessive spending on luxuries
  • Breakdown (Financial, Emotional and possibly Physical): The result of ever-increasing debt and no means to repay it

These are the probable series of events that you may find yourself in if you’re among the millions who have the question, “Where did all the money go?” on their minds at the end of each month, or use “What are credit cards for!” as a retort when asked why they want to buy that unnecessary scarf a golf club. It

Tips to Avoid Emotional Investing and Handle Your Finances Wisely

Taking emotional decisions for your financial investments can prove to be highly devastating. Emotional investments are often short-term choices, which affect the long-term benefits in an adverse way. If you observe the cycle of market emotions, you will find that an investor is ruled by the sentiments of optimism, thrill, euphoria, anxiety, denial, fear, desperation, panic, capitulation, despondency, hope, relief, etc. Owing to these emotions, an investor may take decisions, which may not benefit him in the long run.

Take a simple example: When you see on television that the market condition is not favorable for investment, you may panic and start thinking about selling at a low price. In another scenario, when you realize that the price of a stock is going to rise even further, you may get excited and buy at a very high price. However, think about the consequences if things do not go as predicted. Apart from losses, you may even suffer a financial setback.

You must be able to keep your emotions away from investing decisions in order to attain your financial investment goals. Hence, it is important that you take concrete steps, which will eliminate any kind of financial investments as an emotional

How to Money Saving Travel

Venturing economically during a tour allows you to save a great deal of money and relieves you from the shock of an emptied bank account. Monetary matters are a great concern and every individual should consider this while planning a trip. Spending your money in the right way and within your budget is a well contrived idea, that proves rewarding at the end of the trip. To make this plan work, however, you must avoid unnecessary expenditure, give up displaying an extravagant lifestyle and restrain from spending chunks on shopping for mundane things. People who follow money saving travel tips are successful in this regard, while those who are still unaware of the policies must refer to guidelines provided in this article.

Saving Money While Traveling

There are a lot of matters to think upon before going out on a trip to avert unforeseen expenses taking hold of you. If you fail to plan the trip properly, then money will simply let itself loose from your pocket. This happens when there’s no control over concurrent expenses. Moreover, if you haven’t planned a road map of your tour, then chances of getting confused is quite inevitable and you end up spending

Cost Control Management Tips

It is imperative to control the cost when you venture into the market. Cost control management deals, particularly with the control of various costs associated with running a business.

Moreover, it happens to be a shared responsibility and requires the effort of every individual related to the company. It can have three basic aspects under its purview:
To find out the cost centers and their variance (if any) with the industry standards.
To find out why we are incurring more cost than our competitors.
To deal with ways by which, we can drive our cost to the level at which our competitors are, or lower.
Steps Involved In Cost Control

There are a few steps that lead us to the corrective form of cost control and increase the profitability of a company. All steps involved play an important role in framing a company’s policy to stand tall in the market. The steps include:

Establishment of Standards
The primary step that a company has to follow is setting up objectives and targets that it wants to achieve in the near future. The set targets are the initials of the planning stage and act as a reference line for appraisal of the actual

How to Save Money on Your Home Office

The reasons for working from home vary for each individual. If you’re a small business owner, chances are that you’re unable to afford a leased office just yet. For new moms, working from home often comes as a blessing that helps to hang on to that job even while battling the demands of motherhood. One thing common to all those with a home office is the desire to save costs to justify this flexible work arrangement.

It’s only when an individual starts working from home that the expenses that were hitherto hidden, start surfacing gradually. One starts to even wonder about the feasibility of setting up a home office vis-à-vis the extra costs incurred. Before you decide to close up shop even before you get off to a start, let us explore some workarounds to some common expenses that are likely to drain your wallet.

Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Home Office

$ Keep it Simple

Most of us try to recreate a corporate atmosphere in our home office by spending on a lot of furniture, nicknacks and unnecessary gadgets. You’ll be surprised to know how much you can save on upfront costs by choosing to

Tips To Retained Earnings Formula

f you look closely at a company’s quarterly financial report, there will be several details mentioned in there. One of the most important numbers that you as a shareholder should note is the retained earnings value of the company. It is an important parameter for gauging the performance of the business in any quarter.

What are Retained Earnings?

How do companies grow and develop their capital base to initiate new developments that give them the edge to compete with other industries in a sector? It is only through reinvestment of their own profits in a business. The reinvested profit tucked away for future or immediate investment in the company’s business endeavors or debt clearance, that is not shared with stockholders as dividend, is known as the retained earnings of a company.

In technical language, it is the part of the net income that is reinvested by a public listed company in its business after paying out dividends to its shareholders. It is an important parameter of consideration in stock research.

It is up to the management how it uses the earnings for the benefit of the business. The funds may be diverted towards repayment of an outstanding debt or they may be

Test Ratio Formula Tips

An acid test ratio, also known as quick ratio, is used to calculate whether the company will be able to meet its current liabilities with the short-term assets it has. Although working capital ratio is used for the same purpose, it includes inventories in short-term assets as well, which might not be easy to convert into cash. The acid test ratio formula, which does not include inventories is thus, a far more stricter test of determining a company’s current financial capability to meet its short-term liabilities.

Formula for Acid Test Ratio

In accounting, the acid test ratio formula is mathematically presented as follows:

Cash + Accounts Receivable + Short-term Investments/Current Liabilities

There is an alternative to this formula as well, which is:

Current Assets – Inventory/Current Liability


To make it more clear, let’s take an example of a fictitious company ABC. In the balance sheet of ABC, the current assets are:

  • Cash: USD 50,000
  • Accounts receivable: USD 30,000
  • Marketable securities: USD 5000
  • Inventory: USD 30,000

Current liabilities are:

  • Accounts payable: USD 20,000
  • Accrued expenses: USD 15,000
  • Notes payable: USD 3,000
  • Long-term debt’s current portion: USD 7,000

Now, company ABC’s acid

Difference Between a Public and Private Corporation

Companies are generally classified as proprietary firms, private companies, and public companies. While proprietary firms have a single proprietor who looks after the business, private firms can have some members who sit on the board and run it. Public corporations, on the other hand, are listed entities which have full-time board of directors consisting of a chairman, chief executive officers, managing directors, chief financial officers, independent directors, and audit professionals.

Private Corporations

A private company is held or controlled by the founders or promoters of the company. A privately held corporation can start its operations once it gets incorporated. It is not listed on the stock exchange and hence cannot raise funds through equities. One of the biggest advantage for a private company is that such a company does not have to show its financial information to the public. It is not answerable to shareholders like in the case of a public corporation.

In a private corporation, the management has total control over the company’s operations and it can take decisions in favor of the organization without much consultation with parties like major shareholders and stakeholders. So, the chances of an investment proposal getting rejected because of non-approval by sources related

Important to Know the Major Differences

A salary or pay is the payment made by the employer to an employee for the services rendered by the latter. It is a mutually acceptable periodic payment which in most cases is mentioned in the employment contract, signed by the two, at the time when the employee joins the organization. A salary can also be paid to an employee on an hourly basis too. It occurs many a time that on joining an organization a new employee is confused regarding the pay promised to him. Is it gross pay, or cost to company (CTC), or net pay?

Difference between Gross and Net Pay
Gross pay is the total salary including the standard deductions which includes bonuses, commissions and all other allowances. For example, if a person before joining an organization is told that his salary would be $45,000, then this is his gross pay. Net pay on the other hand is the salary after all the deductions have been made. The deductions include the taxes, social security contributions, health benefits, insurance and sometimes trade union dues. Net pay is the salary in hand.

For understanding gross and net salary, let’s learn to calculate the net salary.

Ideas for Businesses That are Known to Actually Work

In times of a tough and difficult economy any business owner needs to keep a track on his expenses in spite of results showing strong sales, simply because escalating costs can eat into profits within no time. Much too often business owners grow frustrated with weak sales and rising costs only to make fatal mistakes while cutting costs. Some of these follies are, firing or reducing the sales team, cutting down on the marketing budget or eliminating systems or technology that increase operational efficiency. Now, provided an entrepreneur stays away from such fatal decisions he/she can adopt some of these cost cutting ideas that will surely boost his cash flow and enhance the overall health of the business.

Assess Company Finances
One of the first cost cutting ideas in the office is to prepare a detailed record of the expenses. Prepare a per month or quarterly income and expenses report that will include all details of what are the needs of the enterprise, how much is currently being spent, how much is the budget allocated for every section, and how much can be saved. This will give a general idea as to which all areas should be considered for

Tips For Creative Business Financing

Whether you are already a business owner, or are starting up new, the first thing that you will think about is finance. There are many ways of going about getting the money you need.

That said, you must also take into consideration several factors before you get the money. Have a look at the various options you have in front of you, and compare it with your business plan and projected revenues. Realistically speaking, identify how you would be able to repay the money that you are borrowing.

Here are some ideas that will help you get the money you want.

Savings Account: Here we are talking about your own savings account. Before you dip into your kitty of savings, consider the following: How much savings have you got in that account? Are you dependent on that money for your day-to-day expenses? How confident are you that your business venture will succeed? Be realistic while you make these considerations. If the savings account is not something you depend upon, and you can afford to forget about the money you take from it should you incur a loss, then go ahead and take the money from it. The upside to this is

Business Bottom Line Tips

There are many ways to determine if a business is in profit or loss. The most effective way of obtaining the profit and loss status of an organization is referring to its financial statements. The balance sheet is a financial statement which gives a clear idea of the financial status of a firm. It comprises the bottom line, which is the last line in the audit, and is a critical point regarding profit or loss figures.

What is a Business Bottom Line?
Fundamentally, it is the amount of profit and gain realized after all the expenses and taxes have been paid off. Because bottom lines begin with the gross sales and then deduce taxes and disbursements to assert the net profits for a quarter, investors are able to promptly find out the current fiscal status of the organization. It sums up all the information, which is why, it is possible to know if a company is earning any net income from the business venture or whether the operation is presently functioning in red.

The bottom line can be a reason for rejoicing or can render motivation to make some modifications in the company operations and processes. When there is little

Tips to Tangible Net Worth

One of the financial parameters which lenders care a lot about when deciding whether or not to finance a company is its tangible net worth. It represents the total of its tangible assets like land, building, machinery, inventory, etc.


If there is any party which is most concerned with the tangible net worth, it is the lender. When a company approaches a lender and asks for a significant amount of money as a loan for expansion purposes, the lender will no doubt be a little wary.

The lender will view all the finances of the company, its performance, its ability to generate revenue and its ability to pay back the loan. Of the parameters it chooses to examine when they evaluate whether or not the company will pay back the loan, is the tangible net worth of the company.

One look at the word will tell you that it has got to do some thing with tangibility and the market value of the company. It is the amount of money that the company would realize, should it go into the market and sell all of its tangible assets. The distinction between tangible and intangible assets needs to be made here.

Tangible assets